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Automatic Butyl Extruder

Model: HJ-BTE-2008AT

1. The automatic butyl extruder adopts PLC control system with touch screen interface.
2. It realizes digital control of the start time and stop time of extruding.
3. The butyl extruder will let you know when there is no butyl.
4. Double heating system for butyl tank and nozzle.
5. The height of the nozzle is adjustable.
6. The space between the nozzles is also adjustable.
7. Pre-heating function is available.
8. Curved spacer extruding is achieved.

Technical Data of Automatic Butyl Extruder
Heating temperature: 100℃-160℃
Heating time: 30-40min
Extruding speed: 0-22 m/min (adjustable)
Extruding width: 0-27mm
Power: 1P+N 220V 50Hz 2kw
Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Hydraulic pressure: 0-20Mpa
Machine size: 3000mm(L)×450mm(W)×650 mm(H)

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