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  • Rotating Table The rotating table can be freely rotated 360° through the use of a foot switch.
    Min glass size: 200×200mm
    Max glass size: 1500× 2000mm
  • Mixing Gun Freezer The mixing gun freezer is designed to achieve low temperature (min.-40℃), which can effectively delay the curing of the mixed sealant, which could avoid sealing during break time and thus reduce the waste of the sealant. Power: 3P 380V/1P+N 22OV 50Hz 2kW ...
  • Butyl Extruder HJ-BTE-2008T The butyl extruder adopts PLC control system with touch screen interface for ease of operation.
    It realizes digital control of the start time and stop time of extruding.
    The butyl extruder will let you know when there is no butyl.
  • Spacer Cutter The spacer cutter uses foot switch for safety and convenience.
    Motor power: 1P+N 220V 50Hz 13000rpm 1.3kW
    Saw blade size: φ110mm
  • Salt Loader The salt loader can be used for filling 40 spacer frames at the same time.
    Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
    Filling size: max. 3000mm
  • Spacer Moving Machine The spacer moving machine prevents spacer from deforming and adhering to one another.
    It can store a large amount of spacers.
    The forward movement of the machine is controlled by the foot switch.
  • Belt Cross Grinding Machine The belt cross grinding machine adopts pneumatic cylinder and spring tension device. It is very easy and convenient to change the belt.
    Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
  • Elevator The elevator adopts a hydraulic cylinder system.
    When handling large size glass, it provides the speed, safety and convenience you have come to expect from Hanjiang. Lifting distance: 1000 mm
  • Vertical Glass Washing Machine The use of PLC control system with touch screen interface contributes to the high automation and simple operation of the washing machine.
    Perfect washing performance for on/off line coated glass or low-E glass.
  • Horizontal Glass Washing MachineThe horizontal glass washer applies PLC motion control system with HAKO touch screen interface which ensures easy and fast operation. Complete bevel gear transmission guarantees a low noise working environment and enables smoother glass ...
  • Open Top Washing Machine Made using stainless steel, the machine is durable and corrosion resistant.
    It uses water-proof bearing without oil lubricant.
    The open top washing machine can be used for washing on-line and off-line coated glass ...

Hanjiang is an experienced insulating glass production line manufacturer based in China. We provide basic insulating glass production line, assembly-out-press insulating glass line, super spacer insulating glass line, automatic gas filling insulating glass line, and much more. In addition, we offer a wide range of glass processing auxiliary machines, including our sealing robot, automatic certical glass seaming machine, low-E glass film removing machine, vertical glass washing machine, automatic spacer bending machine, mixing gun freezer and more.

The glass industry has developed rapidly over recent years. In order to accommodate the changing needs of the market, we at Hanjiang continually make great efforts to improve our insulating glass production lines and create new products through technological innovation. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable technical engineers in the field, we are able to provide customers with innovative products and solutions to support the growth and success of our customers.

Hanjiang built our own accurate spare parts processing center for the complete high quality control of our products. While maintaining high quality, the scientific production management and large quantity of centralized raw material purchasing enable us to improve the efficiency and reduce the production cost. As a result, we can offer customers quality built and economical insulating glass sealing robot, automatic Low-E film removing machine, automatic vertical seaming machine, automatic spacer bending machine, desiccant automatic filling machine, butyl extruder, two component extruder and several models of glass washing machines.

Hanjiang products are compliant with all CE, UL and CSA standards. Therefore, customers all around the world can feel secure in purchasing and using them. To date, our IG production line, glass seaming machine, open top washing machine, and other products have been chosen by over 1500 glass processing companies.

We are headquartered in Beijing City. Here we have easy access to numerous modes of convenient transportation, which facilitates the delivery of products and reduces transportation costs for our global customers. Additionally, our complete sales and service network throughout the world enable us to quickly meet our customers' needs and offer the technical support locally. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any of your IG production needs. We at Hanjiang look forward to working with you.